Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Clarity & Longevity

Headlight Restoration

Most modern headlights are polycarbonate (a type of plastic). Plastic breaks down in direct sunlight so most manufacturers put a UV protective coating on the lens to slow the deterioration, however it eventuality wears off and/or breaks down in direct sunlight. We use a 5 step process to restore the clarity of your headlight lens.

You may see the following on lenses that require restoration:

  • Your lights become yellowed and hazy (this is extremely unsafe for night driving as the light then emitted from your headlights is not as bright as it should be).
  • Your lights look like they have a layer peeling off.
  • Your lights are less effective at night, making it harder for you to see.
  • Other cars have trouble seeing you.

In addition to your safety there is also the added possibility of receiving a defect notice from the police for vehicles with headlights that are not to standard.

In addition, if your lights are bright and clear, their performance can substantially decrease your likelihood of having an accident at night time.

Please note this applies to only polycarbonate lenses as glass lenses are unable to be restored.